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Menswear Chambray Shirt, A Trend to Keep

While browsing one of the top men’s fashion site, Fashion Beans, I came across an article titled, 5 Pieces to Keep From 2012.  It’s a great article and I agree with all the pieces listed.  My favorite though is the Chambray Shirt.  I love it for both men and women, but paired with a suit, it adds a new element for men.  In the article, Matt Allinson listed some great places to find a chambray shirt, but I’m going to try to list some with a cheaper price tag.


Here’s one of the ones he listed and it looks very nice.  It’s the Selected Chambray Shirt from Asos at $52.77.


You can find this Calvin Klein Chambray Shirt at Macy’s for a little less, at $35.99.macychambray


Here is something a little different.  This Sons of Intrigue Chambray Shirt from Macy’s has a pop of color at the ends of sleeves.  It is only $17.99.


The least expensive, but not bad looking Chambray shirt, is this one from Forever21.  It is only $17.30, coming in a little under the Sons of Intrigue shirt.

All of these shirts would look great under a suit or just paired with some nice pants and at the price, they’re a great deal.


2 comments on “Menswear Chambray Shirt, A Trend to Keep

  1. Taylor
    January 23, 2013

    I bought my husband a Chambray shirt but he hasn’t worn it yet. : (

    • buythissavethat
      January 23, 2013

      He should, they look great! My husband has one and he’s worn it a few times, it’s really nice.

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