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Diane Von Furstenberg and Dorothy Perkins Lace Dresses


This Diane Von Furstenberg Zarita lace dress is definitely a show stopper, but at $325, at Bloomingdale’s, it’s not in everyone’s price range.  Here are some similar lace dresses I found that would be great as well.

dvf/madewell comparison
Madewell lace dress / Diane von Furstenberg dress
Here is the Diane Von Furstenberg Zarita dress compared to the Madewell Lace Loren Dress.  As you can see there is a pretty big price difference.  While the Madewell dress doesn’t have the same scalloped neckline and bottom, the color is comparable and it is very beautiful.  I would definitely wear this out.
DVF Zarita dress and Alloy Lace Dress
Diane von Furstenberg fitted dress/ Plunge neck dress
The Diane von Furstenberg dress compared to Alloy’s Shania lace dress.  The colors again are comparable.  The necklines are definitely different but the sleeves are the same 3/4 length.  And they both have pretty detailing.
DVF Zarita dress and Dorothy Perkins Lace Dress
Dorothy Perkins tight lace dress / Diane von Furstenberg, $325
The best comparable deal I could find was this Dorothy Perkins Red Lace Layer dress.  The color’s not as comparable but still a shade of red.  The sleeve lengths are both 3/4 and they both have the same kind of cut.  I actually like the shade of the Dorothy Perkins dress a little better.
All these dresses are great and less expensive options for the Diane von Furstenberg lace dress.  Which one do you like best, or would you stick with the Zarita dress?

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