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Diane von Furstenberg Biography and Fleurette Dress Alternatives

Diane von Furstenberg Biography

A quick overview of Diane von Furstenberg.  She was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1946.  She studied economics at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, then went on to work as an assistant to Albert Koski, a fashion photographer’s agent.  After that, she apprenticed with textile manufacturer Angelo Ferretti and this is where she designed her first silk jersey dresses.

One key point in the Diane von Furstenberg Biography was when she married a German prince, Prince Egon of Furstenberg.  They divorced in 1977 but she kept his last name, though no longer had the title of princess.  She is now married to Barry Diller.  Although she comes from a privileged background, she worked hard to make a name for herself.  She is most famous for the jersey “wrap dress” that she introduced in 1974.  After that Diane launched a cosmetics line and a jewelry line.  She has won numerous awards in her lifetime. (Wikipedia)

The Dress

Diane von Furstenberg’s Fleurette dress is flowy but detailed.  It has a high low style and comes in several different colors.  It was hard to find exact alternatives to this dress, but I found some that might do the trick if you’re looking for the same kind of style without the same kind of price.


You can find Diane von Furstenberg’s Fleurette Dress at Bloomingdale’s for $345.


DVF Fleurette and Asos Dresses

Diane von Furstenberg / ASOS chiffon dress

Here is the first alternative for the Fleurette dress.  This dress comes from Asos.  It is the Swing dress with lace insert and peter pan collar.  It has the same kind of flow as the Fleurette dress.  Instead of the deeper neckline, it has lace and a peter pan collar.  At $79 it is quite cute and would be a good going out look.

DVF Fleurette and Addison Dresses

Addison short chiffon dress / Diane von Furstenberg dress

Here is the Addison Corded Colorblock dress.  I really like this one.  The color is great and the v neckline is similar to the DVF Dress.  It also has a high low length that is similar to the DVF dress.  You can find it for $75 at Shopbop.

DVF Fleurette and Lulus dresses

Diane von Furstenberg ruched dress / Mint Dress

The last alternative I have for you is this Mint Green Dress from Lulu’s.  It’s called the Domestic Goddess Mint Blue Shift dress.  It has the same kind of openness as the DVF dress, but at $43 it is much more budget friendly.

What do you think of the dresses?  Do you have a DVF dress of your own?  Are you interested in Diane von Furstenberg’s story?  Let me know and have a wonderful day!


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