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Dirt Cheap in Mississippi

I just went shopping at Dirt Cheap earlier this week and found some great deals.  That is usually the case when I go to Dirt Cheap though.  It is my favorite store to shop at in my city.  I love buying brand names but I don’t like spending the money for them.  That’s why Dirt Cheap is so great.  They buy liquidation, closeouts, customer returns, and out of season merchandise.  You can usually find Target items every time you go into the store.  But sometimes you can find items from Urban Outfitters, Zara, and I’ve even found Rock & Republic before.  Here are some of the great purchases I made this week:




I bought this gorgeous coat, worn here by The Czech Chicks.  Only $8 at Dirt Cheap.



This blazer from Zara was only $6 at Dirt Cheap.  It fits nicely and has no blemishes.

Other pieces I bought were a cropped gray jacket, a floral print 3/4 sleeve top, a black casual dress, a Zara knit sweater, and a blue button down shirt, all from Zara.  All of these pieces together were under $50.  This is why Dirt Cheap is one of my favorite stores.  You can find great pieces and get a “dirt cheap” price on them.

Dirt Cheap stores are located throughout Mississippi, in Louisiana and Alabama.  Stores are also coming soon in Florida and Texas.  They also have an online presence on Ebay.

Anyone else have favorite discount stores they love?


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