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Fashion Trend: Ombre Skirts


Recently seen on Blair of the Atlantic-Pacific blog, the Rebecca Minkoff Nilson Sunset Nylon Skirt is beautiful.  It looks like a sunset and the purple ombre color is very striking.    It retails for $398 and can be found here on Shopbop.

If $398 is a little high for you right now, here are some other examples of the ombre skirt style at different price points.

Ombre Skirts

Dillards Mid length skirt / Rebecca Minkoff colorful skirt

Ombre Skirts

Pink Tartan Cotton & Silk Skirt / Rebecca Minkoff colorful skirt

This bright yellow and white skirt can be found at Saks.  It has pleating and would be great for spring/summer trends.

Ombre Skirts

Winter white skirt / Rebecca Minkoff colorful pencil skirt

This skirt is from Etsy seller No Big Truth.  She has a lot of other cute skirts as well.

I really like the way that Blair paired the Rebecca Minkoff skirt with the bright pink sweater.  It all looks great together.  Maybe you can find an ombre skirt and create your own look.

Have you tried any ombre looks?


One comment on “Fashion Trend: Ombre Skirts

  1. Ali Mackin
    March 4, 2013

    Wow Rebecca Minkoff has some great ombre skirts, thanks for the heads up on this!

    Ali of

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